Eating should be




"To nourish yourself means living,

so live consciously"

I follow a scientificly profound and holistic approach with the goal to create individual and practical nutrition concepts, which can be easily integrated into any daily life. To nourish yourself means living, so live consciously. 


Achieving your goals together

It doesn´t matter if you only need some advice for a more conscious daily routine, like to change all your dietary habits, or want a long-term supervision, I´ll support your personal way. 

If you want to optimize your weight, your body composition or just simply your dietary habits for more vitality in your daily life, then „click here"

If you want to improve your performance during hard training phases or for a certain competition/event or simply reduce your regeneration phase, then „click here“


“You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be?”


„Lena betreut mich nun seit fast 2 Jahren. Ich sage nur:

Eine meiner besten Entscheidungen in meinem Leben. Neben ihrem Versprechen nicht hungern und mich nicht stressen zu müssen, hat sie mich dabei unterstützt 45 Kilo zu verlieren (Tendenz sinkend), meinen Bluthochdruck in den Griff zu bekommen, ein verbessertes Wohlbefinden und den Drang mich zu bewegen in mir geweckt.

Ihre einfühlsame und motivierende Art mich zu beraten hat meinen Schweinehund nun komplett verscheucht.



Lena Kadlec

As a young athlete, I was always fascinated with nutrition and sport. I found early in life my passion to inspire other people and made my dream come true to become a professional sports nutrition consultant. During my education in the health sector, my sport- and sports nutrition studies at the Germany Sport University in Cologne and the International Olympic Committee, I´ve explored a multitude of nutritional approaches to increase my level of awareness. This experience, in conjunction with long-time collaboration with recreational and high-performance athletes (international) leads me again and again to the same conclusion:


“There won´t exist THE ONE AND ONLY PERFECT DIET, because as complex beings we are changing constantly.” Additionally, every person reacts differently to certain foods and especially as an athlete, rigid nutritional advice is misguided. I believe it’s important for each person to listen to their body, which is why there is no ‘one-size fits all.’ Therefore, my passion and personal mission is to create the perfect nutritional approach for my clients for the best possible result. Performance on a highest level is only reachable and sustainable by consistent adaptions and adjustments.


Every smile of my clients is motivating me to do what I do. 

Medical Fitness Coach            

(German Coaching Academy Cologne)

Sport Scientist

(German Sport University)

Sports Nutrition Scientist

(International Olympic Committee – IOC)


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently

is an art.


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