"Diet, rest and happiness as being vital to a golfer's well-being. Your body is a temple and you have got to treat it as such."


Golf Nutrition

I´m not only enthusiastic about sports nutrition, I also fell in love with golf. At the end of my studies at the International Olympic Committee I combined my passions and wrote a Scientific Review about golf nutrition and performance. The project “NutritionMeetsGolf” was born and since 2015 I supervise recreational and professional golfers in this area. 

What does Golf Nutrition mean?

For a good game of golf it´s not only important which ball or club you´re using to play your best score. Considering that golf is one of the most technically demanding of sports outside pole jumping, a golfer should be aware of how they´re nourishing their body and mind. Therefore, not only a professional golfer should ask himself the following questions:


  • What and when should I eat before a round of golf?

  • Which snack should I take with me on the course?

  • In which intervals should I eat my snacks on the course?

  • When and how much should I drink?

  • What should I eat after the course?

  • Are nutritional supplements useful for me?

I can clarify these questions and create an individual and practical plan for you. 


Current Research

Within the scope of an international research project and in collaboration with the Peak Performance Golf Centre in Canada, we would like to obtain an overview about what Golfers tend to eat on a competition day and how are they related to the nutrition topic. Based on this data we will analyse their eating behaviours and create a new approach for education concepts in Clubs and consultation sessions.


This link will bring you to the online questionnaire:


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